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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lost and Found..Thanks to God!

What's happening with me?? Am I that really forgetful or something weird is really happening to me. Last Friday, I thought I finally have to kill myself  because I can't see where my Cellphone has gone. I just bought that stuff and now I have just lost it? this was what's on my mind during that time. I bet I really looked so tensed and nervous with what has been going on at that moment... I really freaked out and I asked for my officemate's assistance. We went to the Restroom (the last place I remember where I brought my cp with) and tried to dial my number, and it was ringing but we can hear nothing in the restroom. I tried my luck to check my bag ONCE AGAIN, and there it was..Thank God!.

Next, I bought some siomai from my officemate and I forgot to pick it up from our refrigerator at the office then I wasn't able to take it home!!. Unfortunately, I will not be able to check it until tomorrow because I was in a long vacation. I am hoping that it is still in a good condition but I am 95% sure that it is already spoiled because the Janitors are defrosting the Ref. during weekends... haaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzz..

Another one, I just can't understand why I can't find my wallet on the table where I am usually placing it. It was last Sunday, when I once again panicked with the thought that my wallet has gone MISSING!.. oh no!! not again!!. I almost pissed my brother up because I was interrogating him if he happened to notice my wallet on that table (I'm just too worried.. hehehe). I was so depressed until I found it in a place where I never thought it would be placed. Apparently, my mother put it there in a hurry because we have a surprise visit from our relatives on that day. Again, thanks to God!, If I didn't recover it? I will just have to walk from Bulacan to Makati everyday (LOL)... my money and ATM cards are all in there..

Lastly, I just lost my hand sanitizer... and until now I haven't found any trace of its whereabouts. tsk tsk tsk.

As per our Chinese brothers and sisters, there is what they call the Ghost Month (August). One manifestation of such is when things are suddenly gone missing, it means some entities are playing their tricks on you... However, as per my personal belief???

N-E-G-L-I-G-E-N-C-E and BEING FORGETFUL is ones worst enemy after all.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scream of Joy

...I can't help to laugh out loud with the video on the link below. I almost cried (because of laughing) upon seeing the reactions on the faces of these four guys.

This video has been taken during the Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant, when the host mentioned the Philippines as the last of the final 15. I think they are just too overwhelmed and happy that they didn't bother to care on how they will look like on the record.

It's just so gay!!!.. ahahahaha.. and I love it...

We love you Venus Raj

Badminton Naman Tayo!!

Kunwari Lang

Talagang nahawa na nga ako kay Enteng... hehehe.. hindi ko akalaing darating sa point na sobrang magugustuhan ko ang sports. Una, running, ngayon naman Badminton na super enjoy talagang laruin. Hindi kasi ako mahilig maglalalabas, mas gusto ko lang sa loob ng bahay tapos soundrtrip lang ng bongga o kaya basa lang ng libro. Nakakapagod kasi na buong linggo ka nagwowork tapos kapag dating ng Sabado o Linggo, gagala ka naman. Pero, subalit, Datapwat... naimpluwensyahan pa rin ako ni Enteng sa running kaya tinuloy tuloy ko na. Ang masaya nito, simula ng tumakbo kami parang hindi ko na masyado nararamdaman ang stress sa work ko. Naging masigla ako kahit na tumagal pa ko ng 14 hours sa opisina katatrabaho. Tama talaga, malaking bahagi ng magandang pangangatawan ng tao ang Exercise.. Healthy ka na.. pampasigla pa.

Hindi ako nakuntento sa running, kaya ngayon go naman ako sa Badminton. Sa totoo, bukod sa volleyball na una kong naging sports, nag eenjoy talaga ako sa Badminton. 

chiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! ^_^

Model ng Gatorade?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nuestra Senora De La Asuncion (Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur Church)

I am proud to say that my roots came from Sta. Maria, Ilocos Sur (both Dagdag and Tavita), a very simple municipality just 2 hours drive from Vigan. Here you will find a paradise, if your direction is from Manila, you just have to look on your left and you will find the scenery of the South China Sea. Meanwhile on your right, you will see the enchanting mountains seducing you to stare even more.

But there's so much more that you'll have to discover when you're there, my personal favorite is the Sta. Maria Church. This was declared as one of four of the UNESCO enscribed  Baroque Churches of the Philippines. This was approximately built  on the year 1769 by the Augustinians to serve as a fortress during the Philippine Revolution in 1896.

Let's read some stories:

Legend of the Sta. Maria Church Statue:Once upon a time, during the early decades of the Spanish rule in the Islands a violent storm suddenly arose some leagues off the shores of Sta. Maria. By a freak of fate, a Spanish galleon happened just then to be lumbering by. Caught unprepared by the sudden squall, the doomed ship was instantly wrecked, and finally sank. When the storm subsided, only a mass of wreckage was left floating on the waters. The waves soon washed the debris to the shore. Among the jetsam the townspeople found a large, battered wooden chest. When its lid was finally pried open, the chest disclosed, to the amazement of all, an image of our Lady of Assumption. What’s more amazing was its condition. Despite its watery adventure, the statue appeared dry and unharmed - a miraculous sign indeed! Overjoyed by the favor, the people instantly bore the image to their town and enshrined it in their chapel. The image remained since then as the town’s patroness and protectress…thus goes the legend ofthe famous statue now enthroned in the Sta. Maria Church.” (Ilokos Religious Imagery p. 122)

Legend of Sta. Maria Church Construction:“The story goes that in the beginning the statue of the Virgin was enthroned in the old church. This was then located at the foot of the present church, on the place where the East Elementary School is now situated. But this statue often disappeared and made its peregrination to a guava tree on the knoll where the church now stands. For this reason a new chapel was built on this site in 1810 together with the tower; its bells arrived the next year.” (Churches in Ilokandia Ilocos Sur-La Union p. 285)

 Ano pa hinihintay niyo? "Intayon idiay Ilocos!!!" (tara na sa ilocos!)

Photo Taken during our visit last April 2010

Just Don't

When the night, seems so cold
I'll be here, I will hold you close
I will chase away all the tears that fall
I will hold your hand so
Don't let go...

I cant' promise to stay, right beside you
I just want you to know
That my heart is with
I want you to feel, that you're safe in my arms...
And I'll listen to every beat of my heart..'coz

No one can hurt you, this time..No, no, no, no
I'll never let you slip away from me..
I'll get you out from where you're hiding
So you don't have to run..
Just don't close the door
And let me in for a while..

Every pain in your life I'll kiss goodbye
I will put out the fire that you hide deep inside
I will play the part of an angel who cares
I will put down the fire of the life if can't bear..


Dadating ang panahong mawawala ako

Dadating ang isang umagang dala-dala ay pag-asa

Pupunasan ang luha, bitbit-bitbit na lang ay alaala

Buksan mo ang iyong mata,

Nakakaligtaan mo nang may bulong ang tadhana.

Kahit isip ay nawawala,

Binibitiwan ang sagot sa nakaraan.

*Darating ako, alam ko kung kelan ang tamang panahon

Ang anino ng kahapon ay, unti-unti ko munang pinapawi...

Kahit na saan ibaling ang mundo

Ako pa rin ang tanging sagot...

Panahon pa rin ang tanging paraan sa paglimot.

Sa ngayon, wala ka ng makita't kumakapa sa dilim,

Nais na, mag-isa na lang sa gitna ng lawak ng mundo.

Ang luha ay kasama ng daluyong at pagtakbo ng oras,

Kay dami ng tanong saan na ba ihahatid ng panahon?

Sundan Mo

Lumayo, Kumalas, at turuan ang pusong maglakbay

Dinggin mo ang sambit, Pagsusumamo sa hangin.

--Bawat sandaling pumipintig, ang puso'y umaawit

--Damdamin mo'y naglalaro, ang luha'y nangingilid.

Masdan mo ang pagsikat ng araw sa langit ng umaga,

Damhin mo ang haplos na dala ng pag-asa sa 'ting dal'wa.

--Sige lang walang magagawa, kundi ilabas ang nadarama

--Minsa'y bigo, laging bano, ang luha'y huwag itago.

Di ka nag-iisa kaibigan, Isigaw mo lang na kaya pa.

Ang nais mo'y makakamit, huwag lang mainip.

--Sundan mo ng tanaw ang dahong iniihip ng hangin.

--Damhin mo, ang halik ng pag-asang dumadampi sa 'yong pisngi.

Billiards Mode... Ayt!!!

Breaktime, around 9 in the evening last Thursday, we're all burnout at the office.. we need a taste of some recreational stuff to relieve the stress. Me and my colleagues decided to play billiards even if some of us are not really into playing this game (knock knock Wharisyl Tan, ahahaha).

Personally I am just curious on how I will be able to learn Billiards. Appreciate Grace (a friend from the office) so much for introducing me to this game. You won't believe how i messed up with my first grip of the stick because I can't even hold it properly during the attempted training.. LOLz.

Anyway, I am just so happy because we had so much fun during the game.  I even managed to shoot some balls (yey!! basketball??? forgive me, I just don't know the right terms..ahaha)

Just sharing.....

21st floor Solaris One Building, Gym (From left to right: Maureen Tavita, Mary Grace Macayanan, Janus Sistoza, Noreen Malata, Marjorie Cabrera)

From Left to Right: Wharisyl Tan, Grace Macayanan,  Janus Sistoza, Noreen Malata

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Dark Outside

Hay Mau! What's with your mind? you're staring outside  and you can see how the clouds cry up her might. How do you feel about the weather? I bet you're thinking of something...

No, not really.. I'm just amazed on how  the leaves look like when  it is raining during the afternoon. It's dark outside though, but I can feel serenity. I often forget how our house and front yard looks like during weekdays and most especially during Office Hours. All I could think of are the problems that I am dealing with, that's why it's hard to defeat my stress. To tell you honestly, I badly needed this break, a vacation leave.. and for this day a sick leave (thanks to my swollen eyelids caused by a sty, grrrr).

I managed to hibernate, reflect and of course to recharge myself again with the battle ahead. To some? staring at the open sky and feeling the breeze seems so normal, but for me? it is a masterpiece.

Ok.. now.. I'll cease on being an emo.. back to reality! I'll go ahead and cook our dinner..chao!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Isa akong misteryo, at mananatiling misteryo. Kakaiba ako sa lahat. Kung nasan ang karamihan, hindi mo ko matatagpuan dun. Kung anu cla, hindi ako ganun. Hindi ako natatakot gumawa ng bagay na tama..at lumaban sa hindi tama. Wirdo ako mag isip pero ang aking kawirduhan ay hatid ng pagiging malawak ang pang unawa sa mga bagay -bagay. Hindi ko itatanggi na minsan sa aking buhay naging pinakamataas ako..nanguna sa klase at nagtapos sa pinakamataas na posisyon..ngunit ako ay tumakas, sapagkat para sa akin ang kasiyahan ay nagmumula sa kasimplehan ng buhay. Ang simpleng paghinga sa halimuyak ng mga bulaklak at ang pagdampi ng hangin sa aking pisngi ay maituturing ko ng kayamanan.

Normal ang aking kabataan, kahit na maagang naulila sa ama? hindi nagkulang ang aking Ina sa lahat ng pagmamahal na maari niyang ibigay sa amin ng aking kapatid. Salat man sa pinansyal na aspeto, kumain man ng bagoong o asin masaya pa rin kami. Tinulungan ko ang aking sarili para tumatag at hanapin kung anu ba talaga ang kahulugan ng buhay. Wala akong takot sapagkat nandiyan sila sa aking tabi, marahil ito ang sandata ko sa lahat ng aking napagdaanan o mapagdadaanan pa.

Kung makikita mo man ako? katrabaho, kaibigan, dating kaklase...wag mong iisipin na ako na to.. may mas malalim pa sa pagkatao ko..pero hindi sa bahaging masama..kundi sa bahaging mabuti.

Kung sino ako? ano ako dati? iniwan ko na sa dati...ngiti na lang ako pag naaalala ko...


Natawa ako d2 sa mga jokes na to...

NANAY: Anak igisa mo yung sardinas para may ulam tayo
ANAK: Opo. Kakaliskisan ko pa po ba ang isda?
NANAY: ay Bobo!!,


Natural para masarap!


nanay: hon, kanino kaya nakuha ng anak natin ang kagandahan niya?
tatay: syempre sayo!
nanay: talaga? pano mo naman nasabi?
tatay: kasi walang natira sayo eh!!
*bastusan? lol!


isang ina ang nagsilang ng pagkpangit-pangit na sanggol...
ina: isa siyang kayamanan...
ama: oo nga, ahmm...
ibaon natin!!


BATA: pabili ng lugaw
TINDERA: may laman o wala??
BATA: syempre may laman!! pakain ko sayo ang mangkok eh!!

BATA: pabili pong ubas
TINDERA: wala kaming ubas!!

(kinabukasan…) BATA: pabili nga pong ubas
TINDERA: wala nga kaming ubas!!..isa pang tanung.. iiistepler ko na yang bibig mo!! bwisit!.(kinabukasan…)…BATA: may istepler kayo???
TINDERA: wala.. bakit??!!
BATA: Pabiling ubas


Q: "Kung ang light ay ilaw, ano naman ang lightning?" Ans: "Umiilaw!"

Q: "Sina Michael at Raphael ay mga." Ans: "Ninja?"

Q: "Ano ang karaniwang kasunod ng kidlat?" Ans: "Sunog!"

Q: "Magbigay ng sikat na Willie." Ans: "Willie da pooh!"

Q: "Ang mga Hindu ay galing sa aling bansa?" Ans: "Hindunesia? "

Q: "Saang bansa matatagpuan ang mga Canadians?" Ans: "Canadia!"

Q: "Kumpletuhin - Little Red." Ans: "Ribbon!"

Q: "Ano ang mas malaki, itlog ng ibon o sanggol ng tao?" Ans: "Itlog ng tao!"

Q: "Saan binaril si Jose Rizal?" Ans: "Sa likod!"

Q: "Fill in the blanks - Beauty is in the eye of the ____." Ans: "Tiger?"

Q: "Ano ang kinakain ng monkey-eating eagle?" Ans: "Saging!"

Q: "Kung ang suka ay vinegar, ano naman ang Inggles ng toyo?" Ans: "Baliw!"

Q: "Anong tawag mo sa kapatid ng nanay mo?" Ans: "Kamag-anak! "

Q: "Kung ang H2O ay water, ano naman ang CO2?" Ans: "Cold water!"

Q: "Sinong cartoon charcater ang sumisigaw ng yabba dabba doo?" Ans: "Si scooby dooby doo?"

Q: "Ilan ang bituin sa American flag?" Ans: "Madami!"

Q: "Ano ang tawag mo sa taong isa lang ang mata?" Ans: "Abnormal!"

Cold Frustrated Mind

I'm not really sure on why I am so fascinated with criminal investigative shows on TV with the likes of Criminal Minds and Cold Case. One thing is for sure, I am fond of finding out the truth, why it happened and who did what. I told myself, should I have been born in the United States? I am probably not in the field of business right now, but in the field of Public Service in the form of Law Enforcement, particularly in the Intelligence Department.

Intelligence comprises of two basic activities which are planning and execution. By formulating the best plan and initiating a flawless execution, no mission will fail and the goal will be achieved. However, one will not be able to do such activities if no analysis has been undertaken in between, thus the word "intelligence" really suits this kind of task.

Well.. anyway, I just thought of this topic after watching the Hostage Drama at the Quirino Grandstand just awhile ago. If I'm not mistaken, approximately 11 Chinese (Hongkong)  Nationals succumbed to that tragedy (which I really feel sorry for). I totally condemn that act of an ex- Police official, but in my judgment? I believe, that guy was obviously disturbed also and he had completely got out of his mind.

If only we have a Behavioral Analysis Unit in the Philippines, we might be able to save those lives in that bus, be it the victims or the suspect. The only thing necessary is the right words to be uttered and the right phsychological mindset to be given. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and that siege ended with a not so good scenario.

Let me just give you some instances during the crisis when I said to myself "Oh Cammon! are you kidding me????"

 -- Using a rope to remove the door of the bus (a rope! for God sake, not even a chain) and tying it on a service vehicle and let it pulled by it. Of course, need not to say it didn't materialize because the rope has been snipped.
-- Throwing tear gas & Flash bang on the bus with the victims still on it...
-- Broadcasting the game plan of the authorities.
-- Last but not the least, this really made me feel so upset... the outpour of the bystanders on the crime scene, trying to get some First hand glimpse on the aftermath. Where was the crowd dispersal Team? and lastly, where was the discipline on all of us people??.

However, I am not in the best position to review what happened.. all of those policemen who worked hard on that dillemma did a good job. I just wish the strategy on our Country's Law Enforcement aspect will go for a twist and will be improved.

Just a thought.. Just a wish..to carefully plan, analyze and execute to save some lives.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bahay na Palaging Pasko

halos walang saplot.. isang daang mata ang nakamasid sa hubad niyang katawan.. naghihintay, nag aabang.. parang mga buwayang handang lumapang. Sa bawat giling niya'y luha ang kapalit, tangis ng mura niyang katawan na pinagpipyestahan na ng mga salaulang buwitre..

Sa pagyakap ng liwanag, makikita na siyang pauwi..may dalang pagkain sa mas nakakabatang kapatid, na naghihintay sa kanyang pagdating.. tanong niya, "umaga na, bakit hindi ka pa natutulog?"

sagot ni bunso, "ate, nakita kita kagabi.. marami kang kasamang mga lalaki tapos bakit ang ikli ng suot mo, ano ba ang trabaho mo?"..

Nabigla siya ngunit ang nasabi na lang ay " trabaho kong magpasaya ng tao"...

Sa isip niya "pero laman ang ginagamit ko, hindi para mapasaya sila.. kundi para mapasaya kayo.. ito lang ang alam kong paraan para mabuhay tayo".

---naisip lang pag napapadaan sa boundary ng bocaue at marilao bulacan---

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Puro kayo reklamo!

  Ipinaglihi nga ba ang mga Pilipino sa Reklamo? Nakapagtatakang parang iisa ang takbo ng utak nating lahat...hinaing at reklamo.Guilty din ako dito eh, madalas sa opisina sobra rin ako kung makapagreklamo. Ngunit, sa kabilang banda napagmunihan ko, may ginagawa ba tayo sa mga reklamo natin? o mismong may pagkukulang din sa bawat isa sa atin.

  Ipasok natin ang malakihang larawan sa eksena.. ang Pilipinas. Marami ang naghihirap at kabilang sa tinatawag nilang "Third World Countries". Kung tutuusin, napakayaman ng ating bansa, lahat ng yamang kalikasan ay naipagkaloob sa atin, ngunit saan tayo nasadlak ngayon? Mistulang nasa isang kumunoy na mahirap takasan.

  Siguro maiisip ng taong mkakabasa nito, "ano namang kuneksyon ng kahirapan natin sa mga reklamo?". Isang malaking tanong sa iyo, "alam mo ba kung bakit tayo naghihirap?", alam ba ng bawat isa sa atin ang puno't dulo ng nangyayari sa ating ito? malamang hindi... kung gayon, wala tayong karapatang magreklamo dahil hindi natin pinigilan na mangyari ito. Hindi ko rin naman masisisi ang sambayanan, sapagkat ikinulong nga sila sa matinding kamangmangan ng mga nasa posisyon. Ang kaginhawaang ipinangako sa kanila ay ang mga panandaliang solusyon na sa totoo lang ay nakakabulag din naman.

  Isa sa mga pangunahing dahilan ng kahirapan ay ang batas na nagkukubli bilang isang solusyon. Free Trade o Globalisasyon, na ang pangunahing layunin ay magkaroon ng patas na ugnayang  pang ekonomiya ang bawat bansang kasapi ng Organisasyon. Malayang Kalakalan, sa totoo maganda ang layunin ngunit lahat ng agenda ay nababahiran ng kapalpakan kung mababahiran ng kasakiman. Ang pagiging patas ay hindi ata posible sa mundo natin, sapagkat ang maliliit ay natatapakan at ang malalaki ang nakakatapak. Malayang makakapasok ang mga produkto ng ibang bansa sa atin, ganun din ang produkto natin sa kanila. Ngunit mautak ang mga malalaking bansa, hindi nila kailanman papayagan na maghari ang mga produkto natin sa kanila sapagkat maaring maapektuhan ang kabuhayan ng mga mamamamayan nila, bagay na sa ating bansa ay ipinagwalang bahala lamang.

Higit na nakaranas ng bugbog ang industriya ng Manufacturing at Agrikultura. Natalo sa kumpetisyon ang mga lokal na mga pagawaan tulad ng pagawaan ng sapatos, telahan, at kung anu ano pang mga produktong nanggagaling sa ibang bansa..idagdag pa natin diyan ang talamak na smuggling. Ang ating mga magsasaka ay natatalo ng mga produktong inaangkat sa kung saan saan na karatig na bansa, na dati'y atin lamang tinuturuan ng mga metodolohiya sa pagsasaka. Ang bawat pangyayaring ito ay nagkaroon ng malubhang epekto sa ating ekonomiya. Sa pagbagsak ng mga Kumpanya, bumagsak ang hanapbuhay ng mga tao, bumagsak din ang Purchasing Power sa ating bansa... sira ang daloy. Kabit na kabit na ang epekto na hindi na kayang ipaliwanag pa, ito ang mukha ng Pilipinas na hindi natin napapansin.

Mistula tayon pipi at bulag sapagkat hindi natin alam ang nangyayari. Ito ay isang bagay na hindi nangyari sa ibang bansa, tingnan natin ang protestang naganap sa Seattle noong November 1999 laban sa pulong na mga Kinatawan ng WTO (World Trade Organization). Ang protesta ay hindi sa Konsepto ng Free Trade, ang galit ng mga tao ay nauukol sa hindi patas na labanan ng mga "Developing Countries" tulad natin, at ng mga "Developed" na.

Sa labang ito, tayo ang dehado. Nawa'y sa pagpasok ng bagong Administrasyon ay matugunan ang problemang ito. Palakasin ang Proteksyon sa kabuhayan ng ating sariling mga mamamayan . Tumulong tayo sa pag unlad, sa pamamagitan ng pagmamahal sa ating mga sariling produkto. Paunawa, ang "backbone" ng ating ekonomiya ay ang manufacturing at agrikultura.. kaya't dito tayo kailangang mag pokus.

Huwag tayo puro reklamo, magsiyasat at tumulong tayo...para sa ikauunlad ng bansa.

Gossip.. Gossip.. Gossip.. BOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I'm not really a fan of talking about the lives of others especially behind their back. Probably, it's because I don't want it be done to me either. Unfortunately, there are some people who I believe can pass the masteral degree program for BS in Gossip, if there is. They're kind of sweet and very eandearing people but you would not want to know how they describe you when they're conversing with others. Well, I'm sort of a radical and activist person, that's why this kind of behavior is not acceptable to me.

Should one has an issue with someone, show your guts and tell it to him/her. Otherwise, just keep quiet and mind your own business.

Blah... Blah. blah.....

Just Another Day

Another day has passed and once again I'm done with my somehow "as if I have a choice kind" of routine. I get up at 11am with my eyes half opened and my mind half dreaming, it's what I call.... just kill me moment in my everyday life. I would jump out of details and go the scene when I am walking along Ayala as it is already 2:50 in the afternoon, and it seems that I am part of an ongoing marathon. It's quite normal for me to run because I'm trying to beat my 3 pm finish line. I would open my PC, "ctrl-alt-del" and enter my password...that's when Pandora's Box will be officially opened. Why Pandora's Box? it's because I am handling emails and phone calls at the Accounts Payable Department, thus all sorts of problems are being faced by me.. to the easiest one up to the most crucial and complicated ones (God help me please). Questions about payment dates, refunds, credit notes, tax problems, posting invoices, etc..etc.While thinking of the answers on all these questions, I often stop for a while and think of the good memories, just to have that certain motivation that I could cling on to. Then my time for work supposedly should end at 12am but my normal pack up would be 3am because of my overflowing workload.

Every day, I'm very exhausted as if my full strength and power has been drained. Well, this is how life works, just happy that I am making myself useful in this world...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

He Is..JC

I hate to have a boyfriend before..I simply find it so corny and very mind wrecking, I'm just definitely sick of it. Maybe the sole reason for that was I have been hurt so many times and I felt that I might not be able to endure it anymore when it happens again (Bitter hahaha!).Also, I'm too confined with the thoughts of having to have a good life WITHOUT anyone by my side. Apparently I was wrong, Yes i am definitely wrong. It was my friend from BSU that led me to him, he is their Professor's brother in law just to give a brief description. He became my friend, and apparently he's a good listener though, my insights are not hardly expressed when I'm conversing with him. People see my personality as a very strong one but with him? I can be who I really am..a girl who is also vulnerable with all of the craziest things in this life. Our relationship has started and hopefully, just hopefully oh dear Lord! it will never end, but still thy will be done. He's my friend, my Kuya, my critic, my shock absorber, my boyfriend and my shield all wrapped up into one. With my hand held by him? There's no room for doubts but only for trust and love.

He is always out there somewhere clapping his hands silently when I am facing with success.
He is always out there somewhere just patiently waiting for a single text on my whereabouts especially during parties and gimmicks without ruining the fun of the night.
He is always somewhere out there giving me the right advise whenever I have problems, be it at work, petty conflicts with anyone or a simple question that pops up my mind.
He is always somewhere out there ready to pick me up whenever I'm down and push me back again to fight and never surrender.
He is always somewhere out there ready to make me happy in times when it seems that the whole world is a mess.. (bringing spaghetti and cake during Ondoy just to be able to celebrate my 23rd birthday in the middle of the disaster,and the ruined house.. how can I forget?)
He is always somewhere out there...

..With what's happening I should say this:

"Love is a matter of acceptance, faith and respect. It is not jealous just like what has been told on the verse. It is not saying he’s mine and I’m yours but being able to hold on, no matter how difficult it may seem. It should not be justified only with perfection , and we can’t also explain it in any man made word. It may be subject to flaws but what’s important is how we have dealt with it TOGETHER."

Bayan.. May patutunguhan??

Doon sa silangan pag-asa ang aking tangan
Pag-asang may tumayo at mag-aklas sa ating kapakanan,
Pinunong walang takot sa banta ng iilan
Handang tumayo upang tayo ay ipaglaban..

Ating gintong araw ba ay makakamtan?
Sa kanyang kamay ang mata’y hindi luhaan.
Kung saan ang ama at ina ay nasa tahanan
At ang anak ay hindi mangungulila sa kawalan.

Bayan ba’y ano ang kinahinatnan?
Dumudurog ng puso ang matinding kahirapan,
Nais lang ang sikmura nila’y magkalaman
At ang tanong sa pagkain bukas ay may kasagutan.

Si Bonifacio at Rizal, tuluyan ng natabunan
Ng anino at kaluluwa ng kasakiman..
Imulat ang mata sa darating na halalan,
Huwag hayaang prinsipyo ay matabunan.

Maureen Dagdag Tavita
09/05/2010 1:00am

Wave Goodbye now

hmmmm.. i like to sail in the middle of the night, where I could see and hear nothing except the light of the stars and the water under my floating boat. Perhaps i could die but at least I've tried. Why did it crossed my mind?

Well my father died in the ocean, I am just imagining how it felt like to succumb in the middle of the horizon. How was it like to drown in the rage of the waves while thinking of all his silent goodbyes to us. Anyway,Without having a broad understanding of how life works? it will surely makes one cry, but now? after all the things that I've learned in this so-called life without him? i believe his death should not be a memory of grief and pain but a memory of hope and faith that everything will be alright and just like the wave that stole his life, it will all subside.

I salute him for embracing death alone in a foreign sea. The thought of his struggle and fear at that moment is a very good reason for me to fight my own big waves in life.

"Ate pengeng pagkain"

"Ate pengeng pagkain"...."Ate pengeng pagkain"..."Ate pengeng pagkain"..."Ate penge"..

Gabi-gabi nagmamadali ako papasok sa panggabi kong trabaho, gabi-gabi pala sa may MRT may musmos na nagmamadali ring makakuha ng atensyon at nagbabakasakaling kaawaan ng mga taong nagdadaan. Simpleng hiling lang...pagkain, pero napaka lalim ng sinasalamin na kahirapan at kabulukan ng sistema. Pagkaing hindi kayang maibigay ng kanyang mga magulang sa kanilang hapag..pagkaing paulit-ulit na uusalin ng kawawang musmos bago may magbigay..tila sariling bersyon ng rosaryo na paulit ulit na dinarasal, ang kaibahan lang..kung sa rosaryo, sa bawat bigkas may sumasagot..sa kanya? bawat bigkas? kaunti lamang o mangilan ngilan lang ang tumutugon.

Naalala ko tuloy ang ilang mga mayayaman at mga pinuno ng ating bansa, panay ang dasal sa loob ng simbahan..deboto ng ganito, deboto ng ganyan..nag-aral sa mga relihiyosong eskwelahan tulad ng ganito, tulad ng ganyan..at may mga tangan pang rosaryo upang manalangin sa Panginoong may kapal. Sila! na mga promotor ng mga batas na nakasira sa kabuhayan ng mga magulang ng mga batang nakikita ko sa kalye. Wala nga ba talaga silang awa o sadyang hindi lang nila alam ang kanilang ginagawa.

"Ate pengeng pagkain, di pa po ako kumakain"..Skyflakes lang ang kaya kong maibigay nung oras na yun.

Naisip ko na lang; Huwag kang mag-alala, mapalad ka dahil mas pinakikinggan ng Panginoon ang bersyon mo ng rosaryo kesa sa bersyon ng mapagkunwaring iilan.