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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Don't

When the night, seems so cold
I'll be here, I will hold you close
I will chase away all the tears that fall
I will hold your hand so
Don't let go...

I cant' promise to stay, right beside you
I just want you to know
That my heart is with
I want you to feel, that you're safe in my arms...
And I'll listen to every beat of my heart..'coz

No one can hurt you, this time..No, no, no, no
I'll never let you slip away from me..
I'll get you out from where you're hiding
So you don't have to run..
Just don't close the door
And let me in for a while..

Every pain in your life I'll kiss goodbye
I will put out the fire that you hide deep inside
I will play the part of an angel who cares
I will put down the fire of the life if can't bear..

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