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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Another Day

Another day has passed and once again I'm done with my somehow "as if I have a choice kind" of routine. I get up at 11am with my eyes half opened and my mind half dreaming, it's what I call.... just kill me moment in my everyday life. I would jump out of details and go the scene when I am walking along Ayala as it is already 2:50 in the afternoon, and it seems that I am part of an ongoing marathon. It's quite normal for me to run because I'm trying to beat my 3 pm finish line. I would open my PC, "ctrl-alt-del" and enter my password...that's when Pandora's Box will be officially opened. Why Pandora's Box? it's because I am handling emails and phone calls at the Accounts Payable Department, thus all sorts of problems are being faced by me.. to the easiest one up to the most crucial and complicated ones (God help me please). Questions about payment dates, refunds, credit notes, tax problems, posting invoices, etc..etc.While thinking of the answers on all these questions, I often stop for a while and think of the good memories, just to have that certain motivation that I could cling on to. Then my time for work supposedly should end at 12am but my normal pack up would be 3am because of my overflowing workload.

Every day, I'm very exhausted as if my full strength and power has been drained. Well, this is how life works, just happy that I am making myself useful in this world...

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