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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just have to start all over Again

I'm here again!!!!.. and I think this blogging moments of mine will definitely start again. When I opened my account for the first time in 2 months, i think I have seen a spider web on my monitor, ahahahahaha!!! and the spider said, "hey! long time no see, where have you been mate?", then I said.. get out of my way! I'll write something in here..

Well anyway, the reason why i was away for a long time is I just don't want to write, that's it!. I'm kind of busy everyday and weekend is the only time for me to sleep and to bond with my family. However, I miss sharing my thoughts to everyone that's why I am returning, yehey!!!! party for me!!!!!...and my first thought for 2011 is about the series of unfortunate events in the world, a very good topic to start with right???   hehehe. I know almost all of us have seen what happened to Japan and New Zealand and what is also currently happening to Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia and God only knows what country will be next (knock on wood). I don't know, I just have this feeling that the Earth is being diagnosed of Cancer. I am not saying that we are entering the era of damnation but I really believe that we are being tapped by our creator.

I don't know if you know History Channel's presentation about human's absence in the world, "Life after People". There's a fact that they have given there, that the world will definitely move on without humans walking on its face. Admit it or not? Earth is better without us! BUT!! why did God created us? perhaps...I'll give an instance that had happened to me. I was playing with dogs, they are wiggling and wagging their tails from side to side. Thy are animals, all of us know that they can't speak... they can't say what's on their mind. They cannot identify right from wrong, of course! Then I was told by my brother, that's the reason why God created us, by the way he also watched the documentary. LOVE is God's gift to us and he equipped us with our tools to explore and to share love to our fellow humans and to Earth. In contrary, we abused those tools that he had given. In effect? just look what we are experiencing now, Isn't his a roaring reality of what we have done? all of us..."intelligent" creations. Of course let's exclude the earthquake because that's  a natural catastrophe, but how about the other effects of that disaster?.

Well I guess I just have to wrap it up by saying, "It all just doesn't depend on HIM... It also depends on us".

Credits to Google Image and History Channel for the reference video and the photo.