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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Dark Outside

Hay Mau! What's with your mind? you're staring outside  and you can see how the clouds cry up her might. How do you feel about the weather? I bet you're thinking of something...

No, not really.. I'm just amazed on how  the leaves look like when  it is raining during the afternoon. It's dark outside though, but I can feel serenity. I often forget how our house and front yard looks like during weekdays and most especially during Office Hours. All I could think of are the problems that I am dealing with, that's why it's hard to defeat my stress. To tell you honestly, I badly needed this break, a vacation leave.. and for this day a sick leave (thanks to my swollen eyelids caused by a sty, grrrr).

I managed to hibernate, reflect and of course to recharge myself again with the battle ahead. To some? staring at the open sky and feeling the breeze seems so normal, but for me? it is a masterpiece.

Ok.. now.. I'll cease on being an emo.. back to reality! I'll go ahead and cook our dinner..chao!

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