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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scream of Joy

...I can't help to laugh out loud with the video on the link below. I almost cried (because of laughing) upon seeing the reactions on the faces of these four guys.

This video has been taken during the Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant, when the host mentioned the Philippines as the last of the final 15. I think they are just too overwhelmed and happy that they didn't bother to care on how they will look like on the record.

It's just so gay!!!.. ahahahaha.. and I love it...

We love you Venus Raj


  1. Hahahha yeah ! Overflowing and exploding happiness! hahaha

  2. BTW, I noticed that you added me to your blogroll... Thanks ! :) Inadd na rin kita ! :)

  3. Thanks po! hahaha.. it's so funny...