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Monday, August 23, 2010

Cold Frustrated Mind

I'm not really sure on why I am so fascinated with criminal investigative shows on TV with the likes of Criminal Minds and Cold Case. One thing is for sure, I am fond of finding out the truth, why it happened and who did what. I told myself, should I have been born in the United States? I am probably not in the field of business right now, but in the field of Public Service in the form of Law Enforcement, particularly in the Intelligence Department.

Intelligence comprises of two basic activities which are planning and execution. By formulating the best plan and initiating a flawless execution, no mission will fail and the goal will be achieved. However, one will not be able to do such activities if no analysis has been undertaken in between, thus the word "intelligence" really suits this kind of task.

Well.. anyway, I just thought of this topic after watching the Hostage Drama at the Quirino Grandstand just awhile ago. If I'm not mistaken, approximately 11 Chinese (Hongkong)  Nationals succumbed to that tragedy (which I really feel sorry for). I totally condemn that act of an ex- Police official, but in my judgment? I believe, that guy was obviously disturbed also and he had completely got out of his mind.

If only we have a Behavioral Analysis Unit in the Philippines, we might be able to save those lives in that bus, be it the victims or the suspect. The only thing necessary is the right words to be uttered and the right phsychological mindset to be given. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and that siege ended with a not so good scenario.

Let me just give you some instances during the crisis when I said to myself "Oh Cammon! are you kidding me????"

 -- Using a rope to remove the door of the bus (a rope! for God sake, not even a chain) and tying it on a service vehicle and let it pulled by it. Of course, need not to say it didn't materialize because the rope has been snipped.
-- Throwing tear gas & Flash bang on the bus with the victims still on it...
-- Broadcasting the game plan of the authorities.
-- Last but not the least, this really made me feel so upset... the outpour of the bystanders on the crime scene, trying to get some First hand glimpse on the aftermath. Where was the crowd dispersal Team? and lastly, where was the discipline on all of us people??.

However, I am not in the best position to review what happened.. all of those policemen who worked hard on that dillemma did a good job. I just wish the strategy on our Country's Law Enforcement aspect will go for a twist and will be improved.

Just a thought.. Just a wish..to carefully plan, analyze and execute to save some lives.

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