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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Billiards Mode... Ayt!!!

Breaktime, around 9 in the evening last Thursday, we're all burnout at the office.. we need a taste of some recreational stuff to relieve the stress. Me and my colleagues decided to play billiards even if some of us are not really into playing this game (knock knock Wharisyl Tan, ahahaha).

Personally I am just curious on how I will be able to learn Billiards. Appreciate Grace (a friend from the office) so much for introducing me to this game. You won't believe how i messed up with my first grip of the stick because I can't even hold it properly during the attempted training.. LOLz.

Anyway, I am just so happy because we had so much fun during the game.  I even managed to shoot some balls (yey!! basketball??? forgive me, I just don't know the right terms..ahaha)

Just sharing.....

21st floor Solaris One Building, Gym (From left to right: Maureen Tavita, Mary Grace Macayanan, Janus Sistoza, Noreen Malata, Marjorie Cabrera)

From Left to Right: Wharisyl Tan, Grace Macayanan,  Janus Sistoza, Noreen Malata