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Sunday, August 1, 2010

He Is..JC

I hate to have a boyfriend before..I simply find it so corny and very mind wrecking, I'm just definitely sick of it. Maybe the sole reason for that was I have been hurt so many times and I felt that I might not be able to endure it anymore when it happens again (Bitter hahaha!).Also, I'm too confined with the thoughts of having to have a good life WITHOUT anyone by my side. Apparently I was wrong, Yes i am definitely wrong. It was my friend from BSU that led me to him, he is their Professor's brother in law just to give a brief description. He became my friend, and apparently he's a good listener though, my insights are not hardly expressed when I'm conversing with him. People see my personality as a very strong one but with him? I can be who I really am..a girl who is also vulnerable with all of the craziest things in this life. Our relationship has started and hopefully, just hopefully oh dear Lord! it will never end, but still thy will be done. He's my friend, my Kuya, my critic, my shock absorber, my boyfriend and my shield all wrapped up into one. With my hand held by him? There's no room for doubts but only for trust and love.

He is always out there somewhere clapping his hands silently when I am facing with success.
He is always out there somewhere just patiently waiting for a single text on my whereabouts especially during parties and gimmicks without ruining the fun of the night.
He is always somewhere out there giving me the right advise whenever I have problems, be it at work, petty conflicts with anyone or a simple question that pops up my mind.
He is always somewhere out there ready to pick me up whenever I'm down and push me back again to fight and never surrender.
He is always somewhere out there ready to make me happy in times when it seems that the whole world is a mess.. (bringing spaghetti and cake during Ondoy just to be able to celebrate my 23rd birthday in the middle of the disaster,and the ruined house.. how can I forget?)
He is always somewhere out there...

..With what's happening I should say this:

"Love is a matter of acceptance, faith and respect. It is not jealous just like what has been told on the verse. It is not saying he’s mine and I’m yours but being able to hold on, no matter how difficult it may seem. It should not be justified only with perfection , and we can’t also explain it in any man made word. It may be subject to flaws but what’s important is how we have dealt with it TOGETHER."