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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wave Goodbye now

hmmmm.. i like to sail in the middle of the night, where I could see and hear nothing except the light of the stars and the water under my floating boat. Perhaps i could die but at least I've tried. Why did it crossed my mind?

Well my father died in the ocean, I am just imagining how it felt like to succumb in the middle of the horizon. How was it like to drown in the rage of the waves while thinking of all his silent goodbyes to us. Anyway,Without having a broad understanding of how life works? it will surely makes one cry, but now? after all the things that I've learned in this so-called life without him? i believe his death should not be a memory of grief and pain but a memory of hope and faith that everything will be alright and just like the wave that stole his life, it will all subside.

I salute him for embracing death alone in a foreign sea. The thought of his struggle and fear at that moment is a very good reason for me to fight my own big waves in life.

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