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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lost and Found..Thanks to God!

What's happening with me?? Am I that really forgetful or something weird is really happening to me. Last Friday, I thought I finally have to kill myself  because I can't see where my Cellphone has gone. I just bought that stuff and now I have just lost it? this was what's on my mind during that time. I bet I really looked so tensed and nervous with what has been going on at that moment... I really freaked out and I asked for my officemate's assistance. We went to the Restroom (the last place I remember where I brought my cp with) and tried to dial my number, and it was ringing but we can hear nothing in the restroom. I tried my luck to check my bag ONCE AGAIN, and there it was..Thank God!.

Next, I bought some siomai from my officemate and I forgot to pick it up from our refrigerator at the office then I wasn't able to take it home!!. Unfortunately, I will not be able to check it until tomorrow because I was in a long vacation. I am hoping that it is still in a good condition but I am 95% sure that it is already spoiled because the Janitors are defrosting the Ref. during weekends... haaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyzzzzzzzzz..

Another one, I just can't understand why I can't find my wallet on the table where I am usually placing it. It was last Sunday, when I once again panicked with the thought that my wallet has gone MISSING!.. oh no!! not again!!. I almost pissed my brother up because I was interrogating him if he happened to notice my wallet on that table (I'm just too worried.. hehehe). I was so depressed until I found it in a place where I never thought it would be placed. Apparently, my mother put it there in a hurry because we have a surprise visit from our relatives on that day. Again, thanks to God!, If I didn't recover it? I will just have to walk from Bulacan to Makati everyday (LOL)... my money and ATM cards are all in there..

Lastly, I just lost my hand sanitizer... and until now I haven't found any trace of its whereabouts. tsk tsk tsk.

As per our Chinese brothers and sisters, there is what they call the Ghost Month (August). One manifestation of such is when things are suddenly gone missing, it means some entities are playing their tricks on you... However, as per my personal belief???

N-E-G-L-I-G-E-N-C-E and BEING FORGETFUL is ones worst enemy after all.


  1. Baka lumipas na yan. September na bukas ^_^ ako naman sa sobrang makakalimutin ko sabi nga ng nanay ko buti hindi ko nakakalimutan huminga ^_^


  2. ahaha.. uu nga, minsan talaga mejo badtrip talaga pag bigla na lang nawawala.

  3. nosebleed... sign of aging ba yan?joke. si enteng ba makakalimutan mo kaya? joke ulit..hehehe...nafadaan po d2...

  4. syempre hindi ko kakalimutan un.. sino un?? ahahahaha.. joke! daan lang..

  5. I'm wishing u all the best for your siomai's condition ! :P hahahhaa!

  6. hahaha.. happy to say.. ok pa siya! naluto at nakain pa

  7. ^

    nabuhay pa yung siomai? ang tibay naman nun...hehehe