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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Creepy Experience

Caloocan Campus, one of the UAAP Universities, 3rd floor up to the 4th floor of the Engineering Building... during my stay at the DAWN (student publication), especially at night... I've experienced so many creepy things that I will never forget..knocks on the door, white figure climbing up the stairs, decorations like words of God slipping from the wall... lastly, a colleague of mine seeing a lady behind me..I'm already a graduate though, just wanted to share this things..

I was with my colleague at around 8pm in the office as we're trying to finish some articles. I can't remember on who initiated the request to go to the CR but we just did. We decided to take the 2nd floor's restroom because 3rd floor then was already filled with darkness.. After doing our thing, we went back and I opened the office door but I've seen a face coming right in front of my face but which made me shocked at first, but I didn't let my buddy notice it because I didn't want her to get afraid.. however, she suddenly ran away from me...I'm trying to ran after her just to ask why she's in a hurry.. we ended up at the ground floor as I really chased her with all my might.. i noticed that she was crying.. i asked her why? then she told me that a lady was right behind me during the moment that I'm trying to follow her..


  1. creepy indeed!

    jusmio pinabilis ng post na itey ang tibok ng puso ko *afraid*

  2. ahaha, thanks for the comment! :).. medyo madami nga yung mga ganito kong moments..

  3. that is totally creepy... ang nakakabahala pa pag ganyan kapag tipong gusto ka pang sundan. =\

  4. ehehe.. nangyari nga yan hanggang sa bahay.. ibang istorya naman un.. creeeeepppppppyyy....