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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Age

"Heaven".. that's how it feels when I am listening to Vangelis, Enya and Enigma's music. Their genre is not that popular to some of you but trust me, they can really soothe one's soul when you listen to them. You will usually see their tracks on my playlist when I am sort of stressed already. It just gives me a very relaxing atmosphere which totally helps me to focus on what I am doing and to ease the pressure. For me? only genius artists will be able to incorporate this kind of ambiance on their masterpiece, where the impression of mystery is really evident.

Their sound is part of a genre called "New Age". This pertains to various styles that creates relaxation and optimism which are also being used for yoga, meditation and massage. It is also a good medium to create a very peaceful atmosphere on our cribs and often associated with Environmentalism. When you listen to it, try to close your eyes and imagine a virgin world or the cosmos in order for you to feel the tranquility.

Some of my favorite tunes are as follows:

Enya - Storms in Africa
Karl Jenkins - Adiemus
Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise
Gregorian - The Gift


  1. Yes, agree to your post. I also love to listen to this kind of music, I call them Chill in my playlist. Have you try Sarah Mclachlan and frou frou? their good too.

  2. Hi Yen!! yes, absolutely I am a big fan of Sarah and Frou Frou. I love "Fallen" by Sarah Maclachlan and "Only Got One" by frou Frou.