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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Anger Management...

There was an instance this past week when my patience has been put into test. I am not easily being pissed at someone if they have done something awful to me, but if they keep on doing it to me on numerous events then that's the time when the dormant volcano will become active.

I have to admit it, anger really contributed to the stress that I have felt but then again I am not liking that. I keep on thinking on what had happened during that disappointing situation when I got angry, and I kept on telling to myself that what she has been doing to me and  to some of our colleagues were definitely wrong. I came to the realization that I shouldn't have let anyone put me down anyway, and that made me justified my anger even more. The tendency is that, I let myself flourish the rage that I was feeling that time and it's very difficult to contain, I swear!. However, now that I have finally overcome it by not paying so much attention to that person and to what had happened, I can't help but to think of ways on how I will be able to manage my anger.

I find below key points very effective for me during the times when I am starting to get pissed:

1. Take a deep breath.
2. Let that someone finish his/her argument and say nothing.
3. Listen to his/her explanation but at the same time, think of a very peaceful scenery in order to balance your emotion. ( a very difficult thing to do)
4.Try to look for a reason why he or she is acting that way. It might help you realize that you should not engage yourself to a fight with someone who has a totally different perception with yours.
5. After doing the points above, express your opinion in a nice but firm way.

These things are not that easy to do but I am also trying my best to practice what I have written above. I'll just raised everything up to the Lord as I know, anger won't lead me to anywhere but stress.