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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life as we Perceive It

How would you define failure? success? Life and everything that comes around with it? It is quite unlikely for all of us to understand life in a positive way. There are lots of instances wherein we find ourselves in the middle of uncertainty and stressful events that we tend to forget the reason behind these challenges. Always remember that a pencil will never be in good use if it will not be sharpened at all. At the end of the day, celebrating the glory doesn't necessarily mean celebrating your success solely but observing all of the experiences you faced that led you on your triumph. It's all about the attitude and your grasp of the condition that really matters most. 

Just like what I am saying to myself and to all those people who are seeking for an advise, there should only be two options on every scenario. Stop or Go, Yes or No, Enter or Exit., these are just some of the choices that I am pertaining to. Once decision has been made and then integrate it with our faith, next thing will be a state of mind of being firm. We will eventually perceive life on that state of mind that we have inculcated to ourselves.

Let me give you an example, being  a quitter doesn't mean that you lose the battle. You have made a choice to quit then it's your decision, then you come up with the belief that it is indeed the right thing to do...then it is your faith. Put them together? then you will be on that situation wherein you will go out of your way and strive harder to search for a better place to start again. You'll stick with that judgment even if you encounter so many challenges in doing so. One would not even accept the fact that it is already difficult because you are just being firm with your decision and faith..no turning back now, ayt!!

The same thing goes if your decision is to continue...same principle with that of what I have mentioned above.also applies. Life is a state of mind.. it is how you wanted to see it. Let me give you a quote that will enable you to see the meaning of true success:

" The very best way to predict the future is to create it, and you create your future by the way you approach everything that happens to you today, either positively or negatively. If you approach each situation confidently expecting to learn from it or gain from it, you will continue to grow and progress and move toward your goals. You will also be happier, more optimistic person that other people will want to be around and to help." - Brian Tracy

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