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Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is a JOKE

How would you differentiate a joke from an insult? Was there a time when you got into a quarrel because of a misunderstanding caused by a "joke". I bet almost all of us have already experienced these things. If you deliver a joke, be sure to know your audience or the people that would hear your piece. Ask your self first, "Are they my friends or just acquaintances that I barely knew? what level of friendship do I have with these people?". Next consideration would be their personalities, are they aggressive? sensitive? or doesn't even care at all? If the joke would be delivered inside your so-called circle of friends, then perhaps you already know the boundaries that should never ever be crossed. Likewise, if the joke is already below the belt then they already have the guts to give a heads up to you that it is offending. A true friend will be pissed at first (I believe just a normal reaction) but that would definitely be forgotten and forgiven afterwards.

Now let's move to everybody else besides your friends. To make yourself safe from committing an offense, please don't make use of sensitive topics as a subject of your laughing trip (remember that you are not part of a comedy bar). What are these?.. the get-up/clothing of a person, their bad experiences in life, their vulnerabilities, their appearances and last would be their families. You hit those targets then it would be a bull's eye on the dart board of anger. The rage would either be a hidden one or a blast, it depends again on the character of that person you are conversing with.

We go now to how you have delivered your jokes..."did you use the right words?" I mean the not so harsh words that would instill humor instead of an insult. I would say that those stand-up comedians / comediennes are good in this aspect of delivery. You would think of the logic behind the statement that they have conveyed... and when you get it, you will automatically laugh and  forget that YOU are on the spotlight..

If you can't really avoid to make someone as a laughing stock, befriend  and assess him/her..so that you will be able to legally perform your jokes. I cannot thoroughly tell the best things to laugh and joke about because at the end of the day it will be our judgment that will still prevail. What I'm just saying is that be cautious and be sensitive. If you want to "make lait" someone.. then that should be an annoying "someone" also.. well.. well..well.. a favorite subject of mine. :)

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